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Hommel Contour 305

Hommel F4004

Mahr ULM Opal 300

Quality that you can rely on

We place great emphasis on precision and quality at HiTeCH. By using ultramodern production technology and the latest measurement systems, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality and precision. High-precision measurement devices are used to "put parts through their paces" during production and a final check is also carried out prior to delivery.


If the customer has extremely demanding quality requirements, we can also carry out a 100% inspection, including the performance of corresponding test protocols. More...


On time!

We also guarantee on-time delivery as part of our standard of quality so that you can be sure about meeting your deadlines too.


All-round service for you

As a demanding tool and mould maker, you can rely on HiTeCH to provide you with precision parts of the highest quality in good time.